York – a medieval modern town
The charming historical city of York offers visitors a rich journey through Britain's varied cultural tapestry, offering something to suit the tastes of everyone. The beautiful York Minster is a must see and it's location at the heart of this medieval city makes it a great place to start your... More detail
A history of over 600 years
The first documentary attestation of the Bran Castle is represented by an act issued on 19 November 1377 to King of Hungary, Ludovic I of Anjou. By this document, the Brasovians were given the privilege to build a stone fortress at Bran. Between 1419-1424, the fortress becomes the property of... More detail
Oasis of green in the middle of the city
IOR Park today Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park is located in the central-eastern part of Bucharest, in the 3rd district, within the limits of the streets Camil Ressu, Liviu Rebreanu, Campia Libertatii, C-tin Brancusi, Baba Novac and Nicolae Grigorescu. With an area of approximately 85 ha, it is one of... More detail
Kenilworth Castle - a romantic history
From the medieval fortress to the Elizabethan palace, Kenilworth Castle has been at the center of England's uproar for much of its 900-year history. Kenilworth Castle is one of the great historical sites of the United Kingdom, and yet very little known outside United Kingdom. It was a royal... More detail
Bourton On The Water – The Venice of Cotswolds
A charming English village in the heart of the Cotswolds. The village of Bourton-on-the-Water is known for its picturesque High Street, flanked by long wide greens and the River Windrush that runs through them. The river is crossed by five low, arched stone bridges. They were built between 1654... More detail

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