Who Are We?

We are a team passionate of travel. We are eager to see spectacular places and meet new people. We are passionate about history and find less known historical places.

In our website www.anedi.eu we will tell you about special places and we will share things that you do not find often in the travel guides. We will provide useful information about the tourist attractions in Europe and beyond.

For ease of identification, we grouped the information into three categories: historic places, sea or mountain, or just a short city break.

Moreover, some of our friends have similar stories from other parts of the Earth, just as interesting and we will share with you. We're waiting for your stories.

Anedi.eu is not a travel agency, does not sell or reserve vacancies but only offers tips and travel information to book your holidays at minimum rates.

Who are our visitors?

According to Google Analytics, the site www.anedi.eu is visited monthly by over 28,000 users, of which 98.5% are new users. There are over 33,000 page views per month. This makes an average of 950 new visitors every day.

The main countries our visitors come from are:

  • Romania: 16,53%
  • Germany: 13,20%
  • United States: 12.53%
  • Singapore: 6.39%
  • Vietnam: 5,68%
  • France: 3,19%
  • Russia: 2.97%
  • Brazil: 2.35%
  • United Kingdom: 2,29%

What is the age of our visitors:

  • 18-24 years: 7.42%
  • 25-34 years: 66.70%
  • 35-44 years: 15.66%
  • 45-54 years: 5.08%
  • 55-64 years: 3.85%
  • over 65 years: 1,29%
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For hotel representatives, travel agencies, airlines or other businesses in the tourism industry and beyond, this website offers the opportunity to make known some services or products based on a partnership.

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