York – a medieval modern town

York – a medieval modern town York – a medieval modern town

The charming historical city of York offers visitors a rich journey through Britain's varied cultural tapestry, offering something to suit the tastes of everyone.

The beautiful York Minster is a must see and it's location at the heart of this medieval city makes it a great place to start your adventure through the pages of York's history.

The architecture and stained glass are stunning, particularly on a well lit day. Admission price is modest compared to the experience. There are options to extend the tour, at additional cost mind you, inside into the crypt and also to venture up York Minster Tower, the latter providing superb views of the surrounding city and countryside. At 275 steps and 72m high with narrow corridors and not many passing points the tower is not for the faint hearted.

After the minster take a venture into the old town where you can enjoy a bustling weekend street market, narrow cobbled streets filled with witchcraft, wizardry and viking themed stores, giving you a chance to fulfil all your wand and sword related needs! The old town provides a real step back in time, offering visitors a free tour through prime examples of medieval beamed architecture and mysterious alleyways. If you look closely you can almost see the silhouettes of Viking warriors on their way to battle and street traders selling furs and meats.

The Jorvik Viking Centre is a fantastic place to round off a visit to York, the entry fee is again very reasonable for what is on offer. Located at one of the most comprehensive Viking archaeological excavations anywhere in England, the centre provides a tour through the excavation works and a fantastic virtual tour through Viking life. The animatromics and village environment are superbly constructed, the commentary in the carriage is informative without being too complex and they have somehow managed to capture the smell of a Viking town, not necessarily a good thing! You will leave the centre with a vast knowledge of Viking culture, the virtual tour combined with a well structured museum provides something for everyone to appreciate.

York is a fantastic day out for all shapes and sizes and is a must see for anyone on a tour through Britain's rich history.

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