Sighisoara - A window to medieval life

Sighisoara - A window to medieval life Sighisoara - A window to medieval life

Documentary attested in 1280 by the German colonists invited by the King of Hungary, Gheza II, to settle in Transylvania, Sighisoara managed to survive the times, becoming the only medieval fortress in the world still inhabited.

According to the documents, the fortress was originally built only on the top of a 425-meter high hill, set in the middle of the town, today called "Hill of the Fortress". In the same period, the order of the Dominican monks founded here a monastery.

In 1298, Pope Bonifaciu grants, through a document, an indulgence of the monastery, which first mentions the name of the city, under the name Schespurch.

The impressive defense system that made it the most difficult to conquer of all Transylvanian fortresses was built in the fifteenth century. It consisted of 14 towers, each built and equipped with a handicraft guild. The new of the original towers are still standing and can still be admired: the Tower of the Cizmars, the Cojocari Tower, the Tailor's Tower, the Iron Tower, etc.

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the Sighisoara medieval fortress is an attraction for tourists from around the world who come to discover the charm described in chronicles and recreated in modern times in the unexpected ways.

Visiting Sighisoara you will have the opportunity to make excursions in the surroundings.

In storytelling places, full of history with centuries-old fortresses. 12th century and fortified churches.

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