A history of over 600 years

A history of over 600 years A history of over 600 years

The first documentary attestation of the Bran Castle is represented by an act issued on 19 November 1377 to King of Hungary, Ludovic I of Anjou. By this document, the Brasovians were given the privilege to build a stone fortress at Bran.

Between 1419-1424, the fortress becomes the property of another Hungarian king, Sigismund, this being the ally of the Romanian king, Mircea the Elder, against the Turks.

At the end of the fifteenth century, the fortification was subordinated to the authority of the Szeklers' committee, under the leadership of the Transylvanian voivode during the reign of Iancu of Hunedoara. Vlad Tepes's connection with Bran was also recorded during this period. More precisely, Iancu de Hunedoara charged him with the defeat of Transylvania, passing by the fortress, after the loss of the throne.

The history of Bran Castle continues and on December 1, 1920, the City Council of Brasov donates this castle to the Queen Mary of Great Romania as a symbol of gratitude due to its contribution to the achievement of the Great Union in 1918.

Although in 1938 Queen Maria's daughter, Princes Ileana, received this Castle by testament, in 1948 the royal family was banished from the country by the communist regime, and the Bran Castle became the property of the Romanian state.

Bran Castle is known to tourists around the world as Dracula's Castle. This is one of the reasons why he was included by journalists at CNN in a top 10 of medieval castles.

Count Dracula's myth is based on the fiction novel "Dracula," appeared in the UK in 1897, as the author of the Irish writer Bram Stoker.

The Prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes, was associated with Dracula, although historical data does not confirm his long presence at Bran Castle. However, the area is promoted through the images of a vampire who feeds on the blood of the enemies.

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