Vlad Tepes wanted to fire Brasov

The woman which Vlad Tepes loved for 20 years was Katarina, his mistress. According to the chroniclers, the two met in 1455, when the ruler, passing through Brasov, helped a group of girls to push a heavy sled. Then, the 34-year-old Tepes set eyes on a 17-year-old blonde girl which grew up in a monastery. The two began a forbidden relationship.

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Vlad Tepes

Katarina was an extremely beautiful maid, who had been the mistress of Vlad Tepes for 20 years. He really wanted to divorce for her, but the Pope did not allow this because in those days the breaking of a marriage was unthinkable. He even wrote twice to the Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Pius II, asking him for a letter of indulgence to annul his marriage to his first wife, Anastasia Holszanska, niece of the Queen of Poland, but he was not allowed.

The merchants from the fortress of Brasov were disturbed by the relationship. It is said that at one point the merchant wives attacked the house where the girl was, beat her and cut her hair. Then, Katarina was taken to the the Pillow of Infamy from Council Square. When he heard of the horror, Vlad Tepes threatened to fire Brasov. After all, the girl was released by negotiation.

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