The first stone fortification in Hunedoara was dated by most of the XIV century researchers (Gheorghe Anghel), although there are specialists who attribute the royal cast to the first half of the 15th century. John Hunedoara initiates, after 1440, large-scale construction aimed at transforming the fortress into a castle, the first stage comprising the raising of two courtyards around the old fortress, built of dolomitic limestone blocks, provided with crenelles at the top.

A point of interest in the castle is the fountain, dug into the space between the old courtyard and the new one.

The actual palace, located on the western side, is composed of the Knights Hall, the Diete's Hall and the spiral staircase, and is a unique example in the Transylvanian civil architecture of a high refinement. Both halls have a rectangular plan, being divided into two ships with five octagonal pillars of marble, with ribbed ribs and ornamented consoles, with gothic vault keys, late phase. The functionality of these halls is suggested by the typological correspondences from the Teutonic environment, respectively the dining room for festive occasions for the Knights Hall and the Hall of Festivities for the Diete's Hall.

In the seventeenth century, prince Gabriel Bethlen altered in the spirit of time, parts of the castle, changes dictated by both civilian and military needs. It is built on the eastern side, above the old foundations, a building building, called the large palace from the city, consisting of two levels, respectively living rooms and a living room

Access to the Corvin Castle can be done on DN7 (E15) up to Santuhalm, east or west, and then follow DJ 687 to Hunedoara. The entrance is from Santuhalm, following the Traian, Republic and Libertatii boulevards. The geographic monument is located in the center of Hunedoara County, in the south-western part of Hunedoara, on the last eastern branches of the Poiana Rusca Mountains.

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