The Sphinx - The Mystery of Bucegi

The Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains is located at 2216 m altitude. The origin of the Sphinx name is due to its resemblance to a human head, more precisely to the Egyptian Sphinx, its formation being due to wind erosion (wind).

Formed from a large block of stone that has taken shape today in a very long time, the Bucegi Sphinx, located on Bucegi Plateau, measures 8 meters in height and 12 meters in width.

A lot of legends have been born around the Sphinx from Bucegi. Some say it is natural, others that it is human creation. There are few testimonies that this rock on the top of the mountain emanates positive energies that have defended the land of invaders, and the most modern theories claim that these stones are of alien origin.

It is said that this place was an energy center used by the aliens, many legends circulating in this sense. In the immediate vicinity of the Sphinx (according to Wikipedia) there is a cave that would gather extraordinary energetic mysteries. These energy mysteries are the attraction of many people passionate about this subject. Other rumors say there is also a mine of uranium, abandoned, which is no longer in operation since the Second World War.

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The stories date back to the Dacian era, and the legend says that Decebal (the King of Dacia) here would have killed his son in a ritual sacrifice to send him as a messenger to the gods.

Many assumptions have been made that the Atlas of Greek mythology is the top of the Bucegi or Prometheus man chained by a rock on the same peak, or that the Sphinx of Bucegi was modeled by the Dacians .

Whatever the theory of its appearance, the Sphinx in Bucegi remains one of the places in Romania that deserves to be seen and admired.

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